In order for me to cover, camouflage or incorprate your scar into a tattoo I will need see the scar in the flesh before I will commit to the project. You must come into the studio so I can assess the condition of your skin and determine the options available based on intensity of injury, duration of healing, tissue recovery, as well as a host of other variables. There are multiple ways to handle working on damaged tissue as long as the tissue is compliant.
As a rule, tattooing skin-colored pigment over scars is not a long-term solution and will leave your scar more visible than it was before. Your skin tone changes, tattoo pigment does not. I do not recommend this technique, but if your heart is set on it please consult with a licensed cosmetic tattooer in a medical spa. Under no circumstances will I tattoo skin-colored pigment over scars.
The approach to covering skin abnormalities is driven by both physical condition and your overall goal and expectations. Success ranges from completely eliminating visibilty to distracting from it with color and design to honoring it by making it part of the aesthetic. This is where we get creative and have fun!
An in-person consultation is required to discuss all of these parameters and determine the best course of action.
Laser Removal Scars
This is a tattoo that had undergone a tremendous amount of poorly executed laser removal treatments. The client came to me after doctors presented her with two options: 1) two separate surgeries cutting out the scar tissue and stapling the gaps creating two linear scars horizontally and vertically, or 2) find a kick-ass tattoo artist that can cover it.
So I did.
Surgical Scars
Most if not all scars alter the texture and surface of the skin. In the instance of large injuries and/or complications with healing the tissue damage can be deep. This client just wanted to lessen the visibilty of the scar left from a surgery that had gotten infected and left her with a necrotic open wound that took over a year to heal.
From destruction comes growth.
Stretchmarks & Clean Cuts
Stretchmarks are a tricky surface. Though the tissue damage is not deep, the results of the body growing faster than the skin leaves a pattern of smooth, shiny slivered dermis called striae. Stretchmarks persist, and if you're really lucky they change color over time like mood rings. Tattooing usually brings an acceptable level of success. This client also had clean blade cuts that I incorporated into the placement of the design visible in the sky adding texture to the clouds.
Waves don't stop, learn to surf.
Life Happens
No matter how you got the scar, how you choose to live with it is up to you. We are all flawed in some way. Our flaws are what make us perfect.
Focus on the solution, not the problem.
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