3D nipple tattoos offer breast cancer survivors a realistic and less invasive alternative to surgery. My training in Biomedical Science as well as my specialization in realism affords me the ability to render visually convincing three-dimensional recreation of one or both nipples without any surgical procedures or recovery downtime. During your consulation I work with you on how you'd like your nipples to look including color, size and placement.
Below is a silicone model that I keep in my studio. I tattooed the nipples using the same machine, needles and inks that I use on clients. Utilizing a neutral light source, dynamic shading and the strategic placement of highlights, I can achieve a 3D effect on a completely smooth surface.
This survivor's nipples are tattooed on flat skin. She opted for implants without any surgical reconstruction. Over time her implants descended. Had she gotten the tattoos immediately they would have been where you see the scars. This type of shift is always possible but never predictable. This is why it is crucial to wait at least 6 months to a year before proceeding with any permanent solution.
This survivor came to me after having undergone mutiple surgical procedures to reconstruct her nipples with skin flap manipulation. This created prominences but no pigmentation. She came in for a consulation for 3D nipple tattoos. I listened to her history and explained the realistic outcomes she could expect. The skin flaps created a pinned location I had to work with. She was excited but apprehensive so I did this in two stages. The first was conservative in color and size. This gave her the confidence to come in a second time. She said they looked like her nipples before the double masectomy.
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