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Logos, Identity And Branding

The foundation for your identity can be summed up in one simple graphic: your logo. But it doesn't just stop there. Rules must be set and adhered to regarding use of logo, fonts and colors to create and maintain a consistency in your brand. I will work with you on logo and collateral development to establish a solid set of guidelines collectively known as your company's styleguide. Already have an identity? I can help you determine proper implementation of your visuals in order to minimize what can rapidly become chaos. My design theory is quite simple: less is more. Dress it up and deliver it, the world is waiting.


Having worked for one of the 3 largest automotive companies, an advertising agency and a retail architectural design firm, I am armed with the diversity of recognizing and isolating visuals for maximum impact on your chosen audience. My creativity knows no bounds when it comes to the ever-changing yet powerful world of advertising graphics. It is the most dynamic form of communication, relying on the ability to catch and keep the attention of the consumer. Your advertising pieces should be a marriage of your brand, your target and your product. These ingredients may not always agree with each other, but the thrill of the chase is what keeps this animal running.

Illustration (Biomedical, Legal & Otherwise)

Holding an accredited Master of Fine Arts in Medical & Biological Illustration from the University of Michigan, I have worked with doctors and professors to create everything from surgery plates to patient-education brochures. My portfolio includes hand-drawn/traditional media as well as computer-generated, scalable-vector imaging for print and digital presentations. My fluency in commercial art, photography and web development allows me to offer a variety of deliverable options including pre-flight for printed hard copies, file preparation for digital presentations and website development for interactive review.

My dedication to this concentration grows as I continue my training in both the arts and sciences. Through a diversity of clients, I am offered the opportunity to create and maintain a medical library of research and case-specific studies for doctors, surgeons and lawyers across the United States.

I enjoy the challenge of working with all facets of medical, biological and medical-legal professionals. I have the training and critical thinking skills required to assist you on your project by providing understanding and insight to the worlds of art and science.

Photography & Digital Imaging

Photography is an art everyone can appreciate. I began my training with an all-manual Minolta x700 shooting Fugi and Kodak films and developing my own black/white prints. I was dodging light before Photoshop turned it into "the lollipop tool." Despite my old-school start, I embraced digital photography and haven't looked back. The elimination of film and developing costs makes it easier to take an abundance of shots and assure the capture of that perfect moment. But photography is so much more than just memorabilia. It is a tool I use daily to support my art, graphic and web services. My SLR serves as a high-end scanner for replication and publication of my traditional art, also known as copy stand photography. The same principle is applied to product glamor shots, still life and portraits. Even my camera phone can record textures and screen-resolution images for use in commercial design. Photography does not compete with traditional fine art, it compliments it.

In addition to taking pictures, I use software to massage the images into a more appealing representation of the moment. To be blunt, I can stamp out the drunk guy in the background, shave some years off Aunt Edna's face and eliminate the wine stains on your shirt. We all have that photo of ourselves that would make the perfect Facebook profile pic but what were we thinking dating that person? Please, just make it go away...

I am available to shoot weddings, parties and sports as well as family portraits, head-shots and just about any other theme you need. If it's not listed, just ask! I offer styles of photography ranging from serious to whimsical, technical to edgy. I deliver your photographs via CD/DVD, FTP and electronic transfer of your choice. I will also work with you on hard-copy options and will design photo albums and other forms of printables from various providers such as Snapfish, Shutterfly, CafePress and more.

I Just Need Some Graphics

Hey, start-up businesses and single individuals, I haven't forgotten about you! In fact, you're my most precious client. Do you need a business card for your coupon-cutting blog, a flyer for your PTA bake sale or an invitation for your family reunion? Good news, I'm more than capable and happy to assist you in your needs as well.